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As you are starting and growing a new business, having a trusted resource for business law advice can be crucial to your success. At Basin Law Group, LLC, based in Park County, Wyoming, we provide comprehensive business planning services to new businesses throughout Wyoming and Montana, helping you get off to a strong start.

Our experienced lawyer works closely with new business owners to talk about the goals and ambitions they have for their new venture.  Then we help them conduct an accurate risk assessment, advising them on the best way to protect their personal assets while planning for growth.  We frequently assist clients in business formation involving:


  • Partnerships

  • Limited Liability Companies

  • Corporations

  • Joint Ventures

We guide businesses through the entire formation process, from explaining the benefits of different forms to drafting a partnership agreement, bylaws or articles of incorporation. Our attorney is available to answer questions and discuss concerns at every stage, so you can feel confident that your business plans are moving forward.


At Basin Law Group, LLC, we know that the need for an experienced legal resource doesn't end with business formation.  That is why our comprehensive business planning services extend to helping new businesses with day-to-day legal needs.  We frequently assist clients in the areas of:

  • Sales Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Oil and Gas Leases

  • International Contracts

  • General Business Law Advice

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